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re near the piano—Mr. Wilford himself came in. He was about to give his hat and stick to the check-boy when he caught sight of the back of his wife's head. She was alone—right there—then. He spoke a few words to a man near the street door. I don't know him. He

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never came here before and I haven't seen him since. But, at any rate, Mr. Wilford spoke to him, then turned and left in a great hurry. I wasn't here through it all. Just a moment, Pedro!" she called to a waiter who was passing at the moment. Pedro completed hi

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s service at another table, then came over to Zona. "Did you ever see these people here?" asked Zona, turning over the photographs of Vina and Shattuck. Pedro was at first suspicious, and, in fact, I do not believe that he would have told us a thing had it not bee

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n Zona herself who questioned him. "Yes," he admitted, finally, "I remember one night they were here." "Did you serve them?" asked Zona. "Yes," he replied, apparently reluctant to be drawn into anything. "Do you remember anything that happened?" [178] "I was very busy," he evaded. "The woman came in first alone, I remember,

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  • and said she was waiting for a friend. Then the man

  • came in. I thought she was surprised to see

  • him—but I thought it was all

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right. She had said she was going to meet a friend." I shot a quick glance at Belle, who nodded. It was e

s them—and I have
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, while Mrs. Wilford was sitting at the table just back of us—the two were down the
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